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Rockstar New England, Inc. formerly Mad Doc Software, LLC is an American video game developer based in the Ballardvale village within Andover, Massachusetts. The company was founded as Mad Doc Software in November 1999, by Dr. Ian Lane Davis, formerly of Activision. The company started out assisting Activision with the finalization of their Star Trek Armada and Call to Power II games, and went on to lead the development on Star Trek Armada II. Alongside multiple smaller projects, such as completing the cancelled Jane's Attack Squadron from defunct Looking Glass Studios, Mad Doc Software achieved international recognition through the Empire Earth series, which it took over from Stainless Steel Studios, and the 2006 game Star Trek Legacy. Only the final Empire Earth installment, Empire Earth III, would be critically panned, leading both Mad Doc Software and the series' publisher, Sierra Entertainment, to retreat from the franchise.