Far Cry New Dawn

4 Weeks ago

More of the same garbage being put out with the Far Cry name on it Post-apocalyptic my ass. If you like gay looking games with lots of pink this is a perfect game for you. This title is totally trash, this is even worst than Assassin's Creed Syndicate in my opinion. All ubisoft games look and works the same: go to the point A, go to the point B, attack enemy base, free hostages etc etc it is so boring and repeatable. Whoever is directing this train-wreck needs to be fired. Don't waste your money.

Doom Eternal

1 Month ago

I am a huge fan of Doom game series and I really liked Doom 2016 and hoped this would be a solid sequel. But no. this is Super Mario with shotgun. The First two hours I was heavily bored. Too much of fast action, so much heavy metal music was heard often and jumping like a Super Mario, constantly out of ammo and health. i got a headache and dizziness while playing DOOM Eternal. This is not how doom games make me feel Very disappointed.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope

1 Month ago

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope is a Very good Halloween game A huge step forward for the series with great graphics and gameplay, awesome sound design. I really enjoyed playing this game!! Fantastic story with an interesting twist at the end and spooky as hell. Well done to everyone involved, I look forward to the next.

Iron Harvest

1 Month ago

One more russophobia game. good job. what else I can say? It is painful to play. Units are unresponsive, abilities have terrible delay times, it's no fun at all. It looks good though, but good graphics cannot beat terrible gameplay. an absolutely trivial game that doesn't represent anything. The English voice acting is absolutely HORRIBLE.

But worst of all, the game has all these cool looking mechs but I don't understand why the opening campaigns are focused on foot soldiers? It really sucks the excitement out of the game and You play as some stupid boring girl. There is nothing more to look at please Stay away.