Metro Exodus

2 Weeks ago

Metro Exodus is without a doubt a fantastic single-player story-driven shooter. An experience that lives up to its ambition and promise. This game is what both of the previous games had but better. I think that the concept of going outside of the metro while still having the ability to be scared in claustrophobic situations was very exciting while being very nostalgic to the original games. On top of this, I feel like the graphics and overall atmosphere are superb to the setting of this game. Metro Exodus is one of the best games out there, amazing experience to go into the Metro world! this is 2019's first serious Game of the Year contender.

Sudden Strike 4 The Pacific War

4 Weeks ago

This is the best expansion yet!! Great mission design, and quite accurate to the general histories of each battle. Addition of flamethrowers is outstanding, especially fun with flame tanks. And They added naval warfare! Truly an unexpected surprise. The level of quality and Graphics are superb. Same as the base game, pure awesomeness in every aspect!

Project CARS 2

3 Months ago

Review in Progress

Darksiders III

3 Months ago

The game is a nightmare to play through, with an unlikable protagonist, a chugging frame rate, and a mountain of bugs with Bad combat, bad story, and no exploring or real puzzles. My biggest issue is whenever you die in the game, you have to start the game all over again. This game is the shadow of the previous games and This game is TERRIBLE!. Do not waste your money on this game. Easily the WORST game I've played in years.