Star Wars Battlefront II

1 Month ago

Astounding game! Excellent music, graphics are out of this world. The combat mechanics are excellent. The campaign story is very good. Excellent moment to moment gameplay, Phenomenal Visuals and Audio design. The creators of the game very delicately experienced the world of Star Wars. Every time I play, my heart beats with excitement as I reenact the battles from the films. This is truly the most immersive Star Wars experience to date. Seeing all the characters and vehicles on screen at once is truly breathtaking and a true dream come true for any Star Wars fan.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

1 Month ago

To be honest, the game is not horrible. The controls are fluid, the game play is tight, the graphics are shiny and pretty. But when it all boils down, it's still the same old yearly Call of Duty game. An average Call of Duty with an average story. The best aspect about this game are the battles fought out. I quite enjoyed the new laser rifle, the aerial assault drone and the hybrid sights. I liked a few missions despite how Sledgehammer Games could've improved the way they told the story.

The Evil Within

1 Month ago

Utterly bloody disgusting, nonsensical story, sloppy controls, characters aren't fun with little to no expressions. Bloody hard to win, They tried to create a badass villain but it backfired, it is not. Overall the game is more stressful than fun to play and leave more questions and plot holes than answers in the end. The only great thing are the graphics and the atmosphere, This could have been a truly great game should they have put more thought on it.


3 Months ago

Rage is one of my all time favorite game. And I always wanted a Sequel but the sequel Rage 2 is a disaster the game takes Doom-like gun play and puts in just another dull open world game that doesn’t do anything particularly memorable. The shooter core is as healthy as can be, but everything surrounding it is seriously lacking. The open world is empty, the artificial intelligence is stupid, the content tends to be reused. The only element that really works is the action.