No Man's Sky

1 Week ago

This game is absolutely massive, and has a decent idea, unfortunately that's all that it has going for it. This game has quintillion planets randomly generated in the vastness of space. However having that huge amount of planets to explore is undoubtedly hard and useless. I got bored at the first planet I spawned on. It's very repetitive, the games crafting system is confusing, and this game will leave you with nothing to do after just a few hours into it. The game is boring and There is no story or direction to really follow, other than "go to the center of the galaxy"

For Honor

1 Week ago

I got this game for free from Ubisoft. The single-player story campaign is very simple and engaging. and to be Honest This Game is amazing however it's definitely not for everyone. I wouldn't say this game is like dark souls, but if you get angry at that game, you'll probably get mad while playing For Honor. There's a steep learning curve but once you get it, you'll be executing Knights, Vikings, and Samurai with ease.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia

2 Weeks ago

While Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia isn't quite up there with the best adventures in the series. And this is the hardest game I have ever played. Too many cheap deaths ruin the experience. The last two sequences are nearly impossible. But Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia finally gives the Chronicles series a good story.

The main protagonist Nikolai is kind of a boring guy, but the secondary playable character Anastasia is quite likable and keeps things compelling by adding a little family tragedy to the mix. The plot capitalizes on the events of the previous two games well, really showing off how this has all been one continuous narrative as opposed to three disconnected side-stories in the overall Assassin's Creed canon, and it's nice to see what becomes of that Precursor box.

The Technomancer

3 Weeks ago

The game is mildly enjoyable, even if the combat is quite obnoxious on a multitude of occasions. The biggest problem this game has is, that even though the basic story is an interesting premise, the characters you encounter are so flat and uninteresting that you don't care about them. The second issue is the sheer amount of time you spend running from point A to point B back to point A, only to turn around and guess what, go back to point B. The Technomancer is plagued with poor design flaws, terrible execution, and a horrible combat system. I would recommend Technomancer only to those extremely interested in the setting and going into it full well knowing that this RPG has issues.