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Xicat Interactive

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Xicat Interactive, Inc. was a privately held, independent publisher of video games established in about 1997. The company was co-founded and operated by Reto Bodmer, President, and Jaimee Wolf, its CEO. The company headquarters were located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, (USA) with offices in London, England, and Zurich, Switzerland. Eventually Xicat expanded its distribution to other countries in Europe and into Asia.

Xicat was very successful for quite a few years and grew steadily from 1998 until 2003. After 2003 it appears the company was closed since its website was not updated and finally went offline completely by 2005. Principals Reto Bodner and Jaimee Wolf went on to co-found Evolved Games, located in the same space once occupied by Xicat in Fort Lauderdale.