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Namco Limited is a Japanese corporation that operates game centers and theme parks, but is best known for its previous identity as a video game developer and publisher. Its headquarters are located in Minato, Tokyo. The company's English name is often officially written as NAMCO in all capital letters. The original Namco Ltd. was founded in 1955 as Nakamura Seisakusho. In 2006, Namco absorbed the video game division of its sister company Bandai and formally renamed itself Namco Bandai Games, and later Bandai Namco Entertainment. The same day, its existing amusement division split to form a new company called Namco Ltd.

Namco was a front-runner during the golden age of arcade video games. Pac-Man went on to become the best-selling arcade game in history and an international popular culture icon. Namco is also known for creating successful franchises such as Galaxian, Dig Dug, Xevious, Ridge Racer, Ace Combat, Tekken, Soul and Tales.