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Gathering of Developers, Inc. was a Texas-based PC and video games publishing company, founded in January 1998 by Mike Wilson and others. Their mission was to bridge the gap between publishers and independent game developers, allowing independent developers creative control over their projects, ownership of their intellectual property (IP), and participation in the publishing and marketing decisions. Its founding was caused by the tightknit development of the game Daikatana by Ion Storm, where only a few people had a say in the development, coined by the phrase "Design is Law", coupled by the publisher Eidos giving into demands such as the removal of milestones. Fueled by past publishing experiences and frustrations, several experienced development companies bound together to form a relationship-based publisher. The company later became a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. Gathering of Developers' first wave of releases included Railroad Tycoon II, Nocturne, Darkstone, Age of Wonders and Fly!. The company later expanded to the console market.

Take-Two acquired the company outright in May 2000, and attempted unsuccessfully to manage the Texas-based group from its New York office. The founders and employees of Gathering of Developers were unhappy with the lack of freedom the company allowed for following through on its principles of fair treatment of developers and IP ownership. Founder Doug Myres died unexpectedly in May 2001, prompting the other partners to negotiate a separation with the company shortly thereafter. Eventually Take-Two took over all operations and rebranded the studio simply Gathering, and have since folded it into the label 2K Games.

During the gaming trade event E3, Gathering of Developers was known for being extremely extravagant, offering free barbecue, live music, and beer to the nearly 10,000 E3 attendees that would cross the street into their "Promised Lot" each day; they were also famous for their Catholic Schoolgirl 'booth babes'.