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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (2015)

Role-playing Action | PC

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt Red and published by CD Projekt. The witcher Geralt of Rivia once lived in the secluded mountain fortress Kaer Morhen, where he enjoyed a peaceful life with his beloved Yennefer and, together with his fellow witchers, trained a young girl named Ciri, the daughter of Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard. Following a prolonged memory loss and other turbulent events described in his previous adventures, Geralt eventually gets close to a reunion with Yennefer, whom he hasn't seen in a long time.

Meanwhile, the Empire of Nilfgaard invades the Northern Kingdoms, and Geralt is contacted by the Emperor who asks him to find Ciri. In the midst of these events, a supernatural army known as the Wild Hunt appears in the region, threatening to obliterate everything in their path towards an unknown goal.


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Role-playing Action

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7 Years ago

It is a shining example of what RPGs should be: an experience that makes you believe that you’re truly part of a game’s world and that you have a very real stake in it. That’s exactly what Wild Hunt has achieved here.

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