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Metro Exodus The Two Colonels (2019)

Shooter First-Person | PC

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Metro Exodus The Two Colonels is a DLC pack for first-person shooter video game Metro Exodus. developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. Metro Exodus The Two Colonels takes place in the Novosibirsk Metro before the arrival of the Aurora Crew and follows the story of Colonel Khlebnikov father of Kirill, as Colonel Miller retraces his steps in the doomed station at Novosibirsk. The story provides more details about the fall of Novosibirsk and its people during the last days of life in Novosibirsk.


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Shooter First-Person

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4 Years ago

Metro Exodus The Two Colonels is a cool small story that adds more context to what happened to the abandoned station you find in the core game and explains more about kirils past and what his father did as a colonel you uncover dark secrets about the station and what oskom did. and it also gives more insight on colonel miller and how he loves artyom and his daughter to even sacrifice himself so his daughter and son in law will continue to live on i liked this short story and i really recommend it although it is short and i did finish it in two hours i really enjoyed. The transitions between past and present were seamless and did an excellent job of grabbing me emotionally. Definitely recommend this DLC.

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