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Homeworld 3 (2024)

Strategy Real-Time | PC

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Homeworld 3 is a real-time strategy video game developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Gearbox Software. After their victory over the Vaygr, Hiigara entered a golden age with the discovery of a vast hyperspace gate network developed by an ancient race known as the Progenitors. However, a new danger known simply as the Anomaly began to emerge in deep space, causing disruptions in the network. Karan S'jet, the original Fleet Command, led a fleet to investigate and disappeared without a trace. Twenty years later, Karan's chosen successor, Imogen S'jet, becomes Fleet Command to solve the mystery behind Karan’s disappearance and determine the meaning of the anomaly, a threat that endangers the galaxy's future.


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Strategy Real-Time

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2 Months ago

I eagerly anticipated this sequel. As a huge fan of the series, I can definitively say that Homeworld 3 fails to capture the spirit of the franchise. The gameplay is frustrating and messy. The story is bafflingly dull and cartoonish, lacking the dramatic existential themes of the earlier games.

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