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Dishonored 2 (2016)

First-Person, Action Adventure | PC

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Fifteen years after Corvo Attano restored Emily Kaldwin to the throne following the assassination of her mother, Dunwall has prospered under her reign. However, a serial killer by the name of the "Crown Killer" has been brutally murdering Emily's enemies, leading many to believe that Emily and Corvo are responsible. During a ceremony in remembrance of Jessamine Kaldwin's assassination, Duke Luca Abele of Serkonos arrives with the witch Delilah Copperspoon, who claims to be Jessamine's older half-sister and the true heir to the throne. The Duke's men then attack, killing Emily's loyal subjects. Delilah manages to subdue Corvo and steal his powers. At this point, the player chooses whether to continue as Emily or Corvo. Depending on the player's choice, the other character will be turned to stone by Delilah while the player is knocked out and locked in Emily's quarters. The player is able to escape the room and flee to the Dunwall docks, where Meagan Foster is waiting. Meagan reveals that she was sent by Anton Sokolov to warn Emily and Corvo about the Duke's coup. Meagan shelters the player on her ship, the Dreadful Wale, and heads for Karnaca, the capital of Serkonos and where Delilah began her rise to power. During the voyage, the player is visited by the Outsider, who offers them supernatural powers and instructs them to stop Delilah.


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First-Person, Action Adventure