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Call of Juarez The Cartel (2011)

Shooter First-Person | PC

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Call of Juarez The Cartel is a first-person shooter video game developed by Techland and published by Ubisoft. The game is part of the Call of Juarez western-themed video games, but is set in modern-day. Call of Juarez The Cartel centers around drug trade between Los Angeles and Juarez, in Mexico. A powerful cartel controls the lucrative drug trade and rules the street in both cities, inciting corruption and violence. Realizing that good cops won't get the job done, local government agencies have decided to put three bad cops on the streets to clean up the mess and rid it of the cartel once and for all.


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Shooter First-Person

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11 Months ago

Everything that was good in Call of Juarez is gone. Everything that wasn't – well, it's still here. And it's only gotten worse. Call of Juarez The Cartel, isn't a very good game when you get to the basics. Its low production values and simple gameplay drag the experience down, while an erratic pace to the storyline makes it worse.

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