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Call of Juarez Bound in Blood (2009)

Shooter First-Person | PC

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Call of Juarez Bound in Blood is a first-person shooter Western video game developed by Techland and published by Ubisoft. It is the second game in the Call of Juarez series, and a direct prequel to the original Call of Juarez.

Taking place roughly twenty years prior to the first game, Bound in Blood focuses on the McCall brothers; Ray and Thomas. Beginning towards the end of the American Civil War in August 1864, they abandon their post to try to save their family home. Labelled deserters, they go on the run, with their younger brother William, a priest, joining them. Two years later, hiding out in Mexico, they meet the bandit Juan Mendoza and his girlfriend Marisa, and first encounter the legend of the Gold of Juarez. With their army commander still pursuing them, they enter into a dangerous alliance with Mendoza and an Apache tribe in order to find the gold.


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Shooter First-Person

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