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Duke Nukem Forever (2011)

Shooter First-Person | PC

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Duke Nukem Forever is a first-person shooter game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games It is the fourth main installment in the long-running Duke Nukem video game series and the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D. Put on your shades and step into the boots of Duke Nukem. The alien hordes are invading and only Duke can save the world. Pig cops, alien shrink rays and enormous alien bosses can’t stop this epic hero from accomplishing his goal to save the world, save the babes and to be a bad-ass while doing it.


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Shooter First-Person

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2 Years ago

If there's a game that deserves to be called "old school", this is it. There's hardly a change in gameplay and the graphics are out of date, too. The most remarkable thing about this game is the fact that they actually finished it. Bottom line Duke Nukem Forever was not worth the 15 year wait

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