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Tembo the Badass Elephant (2015)

Action Adventure Platform | PC

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Tembo the Badass Elephant is a side-scrolling platform video game developed by Game Freak and published by Sega. Shell City is plunged into a state of emergency after coming under attack from the devastating forces of Phantom, led by a mysterious masked commander. Terrifying war machines, emblazoned with skulls, tear through the city leaving a trail of destruction in their wake! As the National Army struggle to contain phantom, General Krenman sees the mammoth task at hand and calls upon the only thing that stands between Shell City's obliteration and its salvation; the peanut chompin', villain stompin', Phantom romping badass Elephantidae… Tembo the Badass Elephant!

Aided by his faithful avian companion Picolo, it's up to Tembo to jump, smash, punch, swing, and butt stomp his way through the Phantom hordes as he aims to bring about the end of their tyrannical onslaught.


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Tembo the Badass Elephant - Announcement Trailer

Action Adventure Platform

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8 Months ago

Tembo the Badass Elephant is a side scrolling platformer that reminded me very much of the old 2d Sonic games, albeit with a lot more destruction!

The games cartoon style graphic look great and the gameplay itself, despite some slightly awkward controls, is generally good fun but the strange design decision of having to kill a set number of enemies before certain levels are unlocked which often means repeating earlier levels numerous times simply made everything feel like to much of a chore. For me this is a decent little game that is spoiled by one poor design decision.