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Never Alone Foxtales (2015)

Platform Puzzle | PC

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Never Alone Fox Tales is a puzzle-platformer adventure video game developed by Upper One Games and published by E-Line Media. The spring has come to the Arctic There were two friends. One of them was a good fighter in Inupiaq games, and a good hunter. One was a good swimmer. The two friends were brave. Whenever they would cross the sea, they would use only willow as their boat paddles. Two friends Nuna and the fox follow a mouse but find themselves carried into the sea by the current. They sail the canoe, solving puzzles along the way.


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Never Alone Foxtales Trailer

Platform Puzzle

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6 Years ago

Just as the main game, very short and nice story which you will enjoy a lot. They still keep up that beautiful art-design and the same gameplay. Puzzles are still very easy, similar to the main game ones, Never Alone Fox Tales adds a nice amount of extra content that I really enjoy, I'm talking about those little pieces of Alaskan natives culture, those videos continue to have a fascinating and captivating narrative. Overall The Never Alone Foxtales is a great game. It's very short, but still definitely worth buying.

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