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Homeworld Remastered Collection (2015)

Strategy Real-Time | PC

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Homeworld is a real-time strategy game set in space and focusing on the conflict between the Kushan, the exiled Hiigarans who are attempting to locate their long-lost homeworld, and the Taiidan Empire which is trying to destroy them. The game was re-released in 2015 by Gearbox Software under the title Homeworld Remastered Collection.

Crafted with the assistance and guidance of the original creators as well as the help of a passionate fan community, Homeworld Remastered Collection introduces Relic’s acclaimed space strategy games Homeworld and Homeworld 2 to modern players and operating systems using modern advances in graphics rendering technology. Homeworld Remastered Collection includes updated high-res textures and models, new graphical effects, and support for HD, UHD, and 4K resolutions. Homeworld’s original audio and video artists have also recreated cinematic scenes in beautiful high fidelity. Homeworld Remastered Collection uses Homeworld and Homeworld 2’s original source audio to create a stunning new mix of effects and music. On top of that, multiplayer for both games has been combined into one centralized mode that will allow you to interact with other players like never before. This collection also includes archival versions of Homeworld Classic and Homeworld 2 Classic, preserving the purest form of the original releases with compatibility for modern operating systems.


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Strategy Real-Time

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1 Year ago

Years go by and Homeworlds remain the best real-time space strategies ever created. Gearbox has set the bar for how to update an old game for a modern audience. The slick new UI, the minor control improvements, and the updated graphics make these two strategy masterpieces into an experience even greater than the originals.