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Oddworld New 'n' Tasty! (2015)

Platform Cinematic | PC

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Oddworld New 'n' Tasty! is a cinematic platform video game developed by Just Add Water and published by Oddworld Inhabitants. In Oddworld New 'n' Tasty, the player controls a Mudokon named Abe. Once a happy floor waxer in Oddworld's biggest meat processing plant, Abe stumbles across his boss's secret plan to turn the factory's slave labor force into the latest in the RuptureFarms Tasty Treats line of novelty meat snacks. Abe now has to save his own skin from the grinders, but simply escaping the flesh farm is only the start of his Oddysee. for many dangers await Abe on his journey to discover his destiny.


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Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty - Launch Trailer

Platform Cinematic

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3 Years ago

The game looks great with great sound effects but the controls are horrible you will die a lot. despite all this, I was quite enjoying the game. All going along nicely until glitches and errors game kept closing after I had completed the 2 worlds and what's worse the whole 2 hours of my last play session everything I had done wasn't saved. A lackluster remake of a broken game Stay away from this and spend your money properly on better games.

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