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Suburbia 2 (2017)

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Suburbia 2 is a life simulation game developed by MegaZebra. Set in Crystall Falls, Suburbia 2 is about living your dream and running a successful catering business, but moreover being part of the story of the neighborhood. As the player, you inherit your uncle’s old house. Very soon you meet the neighbors and residents who all have their own stories to tell. New friends, good kept secrets, affairs, crime, drama, love and even murder are waiting for you to be revealed. Move to Suburbia 2 and find out more about the thrilling story.


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6 Years ago

Suburbia 2 is an interesting and highly engaging virtual world boasting of a compelling plot that is well played out by the game’s quests and scenarios. It’s not too far-fetched of an idea that you would find yourself spending hours upon hours following the story. but the rather ridiculous waiting times in this game may put a lot of players off. If you plan on giving this game a try, we would highly recommend playing it in small doses rather than spending hours on it at a stretch. That way, you won’t feel as frustrated about the waiting duration, and will actually be able to enjoy the game’s story. and the best part is game’s totally free on Facebook. So what are you waiting for?

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