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For Honor (2017)

Hack & slash Fighting Action | PC

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For Honor is a video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. A great calamity devastated the continent, forcing the survivors to fight for resources. After a millennium of perpetual war between them all, the Ashfeld Knights, Valknenheim Vikings and the Samurai of the Myre have gradually grown isolated and an uneasy peace as formed between the three peoples. Ashfeld became weak and insignificant, the Vikings began playing petty games of bloody politics, and the Samurai became embroiled in a civil war. In order to change that, a woman named Apollyon leads the Blackstone Legion not to bring peace, but to bring strength to the factions by reigniting war and beginning a new age of war.


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Hack & slash Fighting Action

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5 Years ago

I got this game for free from Ubisoft. The single-player story campaign is very simple and engaging. and to be Honest This Game is amazing however it's definitely not for everyone. I wouldn't say this game is like dark souls, but if you get angry at that game, you'll probably get mad while playing For Honor. There's a steep learning curve but once you get it, you'll be executing Knights, Vikings, and Samurai with ease.

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  • Despite dents in the armor, For Honor has one of the most complete melee combat systems I've ever experienced. 8.0

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  • When everything lines up, For Honor is a brutal and rewarding game that makes you feel like an unstoppable warrior. Sure, sometimes you get kicked off a bridge (again) or your head gets lopped off, but those failures make your battlefield successes even sweeter. 8.25