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Bully (2006)

Action Adventure | PC

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Bully is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar Vancouver and published by Rockstar Games. The story follows Jimmy Hopkins, a teenager who's been expelled from every school he's ever attended. Left to fend for himself after his mother abandons him at Bullworth to go on her fifth honeymoon, Jimmy has a whole year of school ahead of him; working his way up the social ladder of this demented institution of supposed learning, standing up for what he thinks is right, and taking on the liars, cheats, and snobs who are the most popular members of the student body and faculty. If Jimmy can survive the school year and outsmart his rivals, he could rule the school.


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1 Year ago

What the hell is this what was I playing!!!. this is got to be one of the dumbest games that Rockstar ever developed. the graphics are so ugly, just look at the character models it's gross, the story is weird the whole concept is just dumb playing as a kid in school and bullying people or stop the bullying or whatever you are doing in the game it's just so stupid, the taking over the school part made me cringe and roll my eyes the characters are weird and the dialogues are very cringey and the whole story is just stupid as hell.