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Old Man's Journey (2017)

Puzzle Adventure | Mobile

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Old Man's Journey is a puzzle adventure video game developed and published by Broken Rules. The game follows the trip of an old man, who starts to travel after receiving a letter containing some news. Throughout the game, some semi-still flashbacks explain the past life of the man. About life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans, uncover stories of the old man’s life told through beautiful vignettes of his memories. Interacting with the serene and whimsical environment, solve playful puzzles by shaping the landscape, growing the hills to create the old man’s path forward.


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Puzzle Adventure

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1 Year ago

Old Man's Journey is an interesting work with a captivating plot and a magnificent visual component that will immerse its players in a unique experience. Its lifespan may feel too short but the quality of the game's design and the challenges presented will be more than welcome by the players and make Old Man's Journey a game that has gained its place in our top-rated game list.

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