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Company of Heroes 3 (2023)

Strategy Real-Time | PC

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Company of Heroes 3 is a real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega. Immerse yourself in the heart of real-time battles, where every move can alter the course of history. As a commanding General, your decisions hold the key to the success or failure of the entire campaign. Set against the backdrop of the Italian and North African theaters of World War II, Company of Heroes 3 allows players to step into the shoes of the Allied Forces during the invasion of Italy or experience the perspective of Axis forces in the challenging North African campaign. Get ready for an immersive and gripping wartime experience where your strategic acumen and battlefield prowess will be put to the ultimate test.



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Strategy Real-Time

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7 Months ago

Playing Company of Heroes 3 is a great experience if you like dynamic, tough, tactical RTS games that revolve around utilising the terrain to your advantage. But if you’re expecting a major evolution from the previous games in the series, you’ll likely come away disappointed. If you’re a fan of WWII strategy and somehow haven’t dived into the series yet, you’ll have a great time. But otherwise, you may as well stick with the original Company of Heroes.

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