Hitman 2

1 Year ago

Hitman 2 improves on the last installment in many ways including Level design and AI. But Hitman 2 isn't magnificent or 10/10, but it's a solid experience with great replayability on each level. in-game story missions are brilliant and fun to play. I felt like there are even more ways to deal with targets on each and every map, so the replaying was like solving a riddle with an alternative solution, which is really satisfying. If you are desperately trying to find a great stealth-action game - Hitman 2 is your way to go

Storm Boy

1 Year ago

The game is very easy, calming and enjoyable, as it is meant to feel like a memory of a dream where you experience an array of emotions. Everyone young and old can play since it does not hinge on any amount of skill, but it is more about experiencing youthful thoughts and feelings.

it's a heartwarming tale about unusual friendship and unconditional love. After playing, you will be left with an outlook of hope and a better perspective on life.

Battlefield V

1 Year ago

Been a Battlefield gamer since Battlefield 1942 and I have to say I am so stoked to go back to WW2. Combat is solid, graphics are beautiful, game mechanics are clean and clear with Epic story moments. Especially The Last Tiger mission in Battlefield V caps off the War Stories campaign. It's an amazing piece of storytelling. If you like casual gaming and WW2 setting, you don't want to miss this game.

Assassin's Creed Unity

1 Year ago

An amazingly beautiful and dull adventure that takes the series well established elements and let's you repeat then yet again in an uninspired infinity. Not even hardcore fans should make excuses for this barely done game of bugs and routine work. Actually they should be the most upset. With Unity the series has gone from it's best to maybe it's worst.