Gears 5

2 Years ago

The game looks good, but nothing groundbreaking or up to the standards some have been advertising. Pretty graphics bond with dated art direction Truth be told the Gameplay is pretty much the same as it has always been. Gears 5 is a mediocre game I've played in the last five years. It is so godawfully behind the curb of other franchises which are actually trying to spice things up, Gears 5 doesn't even try to innovate beyond making its name shorter. There is really not much to say here, unfortunately. Just play it and move on.

Metro Exodus Sam's Story

2 Years ago

The final DLC for Metro Exodus brings players a brand new open-world level to explore, filled with intense gameplay opportunities and stories to tell. And there is no good or bad ending as both can be morally good! It really puts you in the position of actually deciding what is the cost of sacrifice you are willing to pay to achieve your goal. Very good DLC! Really felt like the next chapter of Metro Exodus!

Metro Exodus The Two Colonels

2 Years ago

Metro Exodus The Two Colonels is a cool small story that adds more context to what happened to the abandoned station you find in the core game and explains more about kirils past and what his father did as a colonel you uncover dark secrets about the station and what oskom did. and it also gives more insight on colonel miller and how he loves artyom and his daughter to even sacrifice himself so his daughter and son in law will continue to live on i liked this short story and i really recommend it although it is short and i did finish it in two hours i really enjoyed. The transitions between past and present were seamless and did an excellent job of grabbing me emotionally. Definitely recommend this DLC.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2

2 Years ago

Just like its predecessor, Battlefleet Gothic Armada. this one also feels the same. The single-player "campaign" is extremely boring and the single-player lacks Basic features like "Save Game". it's impossible to save the game in the middle of the game. A huge waste of potential. Its purely based on tactics and even using a whole lot of ships didn't help. Have fun playing a level 50 times to figure out the right moves to stop the enemy from Defeating you. I do not know why they insist on making shit like this without improving anything.