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My Memory of Us (2018)

Puzzle Action | PC

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My Memory of Us is a puzzle action video game developed by Juggler Games and published by IMGN.PRO. It all began with a meeting between a boy and a girl who came from two different worlds. For a short time they had good laughs together, taking joy simply from each other’s company. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. War broke out the Evil King plundered the city and his robot soldiers appeared everywhere. Citizens were separated and some of them were marked and forced to move out of their homes and live in a place that was sealed off from the rest of the city by a huge wall. Fortunately the children were not alone they had each other. Their friendship allowed them to stay together, even though fate seemed to try to tear them apart.


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6 Years ago

World War II is a very hard subject to talk about, harder to do a game about it.
I was really surprised when I saw how they recreate it, how they showed us the real tradegy and pain through childrens eyes. The highlight of the game is the story. It’s a bittersweet tale that will play with your emotions throughout, and even though the subject matter is horrific it still manages to entertain and lift your spirits.