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World in Conflict (2007)

Strategy Real-Time Tactics | PC

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World in Conflict is a real-time strategy video game developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. The game's setting and story takes place in an alternate 1989, in which an impending economic collapse and the failure to achieve aid diplomatically from the West, leads the Soviet Union to invading Western Europe, triggering World War III.

The single-player story sees players assume the role of a United States Army officer who takes command of battalions of US and NATO forces the main bulk of their operations focus on combating a surprise invasion of the United States from Seattle, Washington, as well as operations in Southern France, Russia, and New York..


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Strategy Real-Time Tactics

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3 Years ago

Another masterpiece from the folks at Massive, and one of the most beautiful visions of warfare you're ever likely. Developer Massive Entertainment has been making real-time strategy games for almost a decade now, but World in Conflict is undoubtedly the studio's masterwork. Everything about this game is top-notch, from the addicting gameplay to the amazing visuals. More importantly, World in Conflict offers up a refreshingly new approach to strategy gaming.

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